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The terms and conditions set forth below govern the use of the Jawa Timur Park Group online services related to the use of the website www.jtp.id. Customers are advised to read carefully because it can impact the customer's rights and obligations under the law.

By accessing and / or using the website www.jtp.id, the customers are deemed to have read, know, understood and agreed to all contents in the terms and conditions that have been set.

  1. Definitions
  2. Ordering Policy
  3. Purchase Transactions
  4. Payment Methods
  5. Technical Implementations
  6. Price
  7. Type of Goods
  8. Proof of Transactions
  9. Security
  10. Operating Hours
  11. Other Provisions



  1. Jawa Timur Park Group is an online service owned and operated by PT Bunga Wangsa Sedjati.
  2. The website of Jawa Timur Park Group is www.jtp.id.
  3. Terms & Conditions are an agreement between the customer and Jawa Timur Park Group which contains a set of regulations governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities of the customer and Jawa Timur Park Group, as well as the procedures for using the Jawa Timur Park Group service systems.
  4. Customers are users who make purchases of goods in the form of East Java Park Group theme park entrance tickets sold on the site www.jtp.id.
  5. www.jtp.id is an online service site that acts to sell tickets to enter the theme park of Jawa Timur Park Group.
  6. A ticket is an object shaped like a bracelet that tied around the wrist as a sign to enter the theme park.
  7. The official account of Jawa Timur Park Group is a bank account that has cooperation for processing the sale and purchase transactions on the site www.jtp.id.



  1. The customer hereby declares a person who is capable and able to enter into a legal agreement.
  2. Visitors who make reservations through the www.jtp.id site are expected to pay attention to the data registered at the time of reservation entry: Arrival Dates, Ticket Pick-Up Locations, Emails, Ticket Types, and Numbers.
  3. Customers who have made purchases online will receive purchases consisting of e-tickets.
  4. Exchange e-tickets can only be done on the date of arrival that has been chosen by the customer and the date of arrival cannot be changed.
  5. E-tickets that are not redeemed on arrival are considered to be forfeited.
  6. E-tickets can only be exchanged at the theme park listed on the e-tickets (in the Ticket Pick Up Location information).
  7. Proof of validity of exchanging tickets can only be done using e-tickets. If you have not received your e-ticket within 1x24 hours, please immediately contact Online Reservation Customer Service at 0341-590507 or by email book@jtp.id.



  1. Customers must transact through the procedures established by Jawa Timur Park Group.
  2. When making e-ticket purchases, customers agree that:
    • The customer is responsible for reading, understanding, and approving information or a description of the overall price of the vehicle rides located on our site.
    • In making ticket purchases online, customers enter into legally binding contracts.
  3. The purchase of tickets online maximum 1 day before arrival.
  4. The purchase of tickets online more than 30 tickets do not get 1 ticket free. Purchase 30 tickets for free 1 (apply multiples) can only be given at the tourism place (cannot be done online), which is in the CSO (Customer Service Officer) office at each theme park.
  5. Tiket Sakti is valid for 2 days from the arrival date listed on the e-ticket. E-ticket exchange can be done during the ticket validity period. The e-ticket exchange is done on the second day, the validity period of the ticket remains from the arrival date stated on the e-ticket.
  6. Tiket Super Sakti is valid for 3 days from the arrival date listed on the e-ticket. E-ticket exchange can be done during the ticket validity period. The e-ticket exchange is carried out on the second or third day, the validity period of the ticket remains from the date of arrival stated on the e-ticket
  7. Refunds cannot be done.
  8. The customer understands and agrees that the problem of delays in the purchase process and additional costs caused by the different banks used by customers in the transaction are the customer's personals responsibility.
  9. The currency used and validly valid for purchases on this website is in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). All transactions will be processed in Rupiah and processed within 1x24 hours.
  10. Credit Card or Debit Promo is not valid for online purchases, only applies when purchasing tickets at the entry points of each theme park.



  1. Customers can choose to use the choice of payment method when making a ticket purchase transaction.
  2. Here are some payment methods that can be used:
    • Payment by credit card: Visa and Mastercard

    • Payment by e-wallet: DOKU Wallet

    • Payment by transfer via ATM and Internet Banking

  3. Especially for credit card payments, customers are required to click submit for the process of payments online and enter credit cardholder data.
  4. Customers are required to complete payment. If the transaction is successful, we will send a payment receipt in the form of e-ticket via e-mail listed in the customer's personals data, a maximum of 1 (one) day after the payment process or transaction is completed.
  5. Jawa Timur Park Group is not responsible for any misuse of credit cards or payment instruments in any form that is the property of customers.Cancellation can be done unilaterally if:
    • There is no payment within 3 hours after the order or at the customer's request

    • No received payment from the customer

    • The arrival dates are not matched with the arrival date that state on the e-ticket



  1. Customers who have made a ticket purchase transaction online will get an e-ticket. Customers are required to show proof of purchase and exchange it for a bracelet that is valid at the theme park as stated on the E-Ticket (fit to pick up location).
  2. After completing the payment, an E-ticket will be sent to your e-mail. Make sure you enter the correct e-mail when filling in the data.
  3. The ticket that has already been paid and sent to the e-mail, cannot be canceled or refunded.
  4. The date of arrival printed on the E-ticket (fit to order) cannot be changed. Customers are required to check again and confirm the date of arrival.



  1. Ticket prices contained on the www.jtp.id site are predetermined prices.
  2. By doing an order through the site www.jtp.id, the customer agrees to pay the total costs to be paid as printed in Price, Quantity, dan Subtotal.
  3. The price set on the website www.jtp.id is the final price and includes the tax.
  4. Jawa Timur Park Group does not charge transaction fees for all payment methods, the price is shown prices to be paid and there are no hidden fees.
  5. The Website www.jtp.id currently only serves online ticket purchase transaction in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).
  6. Ticket rates for babies and children with a height of 85cm are subject to full fees, while for children under 85cm are not charged.



  1. The types of goods that are traded in site www.jtp.id only enter the theme park of the Jawa Timur Park Group.
  2. The Website www.jtp.id does not trade anything other than an entrance tickets for Theme park Jawa Timur Park Group.



  1. Invoice is a valid proof of transaction as proof of order and as a reference of customer purchases.
  2. Customers are encouraged to save invoices for each purchase, which may be useful for services after purchase.



  1. www.jtp.id take the privacy of customers seriously.
  2. The information is only used to help us can provide better services. Therefore, we put a security policy to protect the customers' personal information.
  3. Some steps of security that we use to protect customer privacy include:
    • Encrypt customer card numbers when providing sensitive information (for example credit card numbers to make purchases).
    • Credit card numbers are only used for payment processing and aren't stored for marketing purposes.
    • www.jtp.id will take reasonable security measures to protect customer's personal information, including basic and complex data protection methods, in the offline storage of information and securitizing our database server.
  4. www.jtp.id will not provide customer's personal information to other companies or other individuals without the customer's permission. We use the protocol of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which provides security for every customer to conduct online transactions without worrying about the possibility of theft of credit card information.
  5. The www.jtp.id site uses "cookies", i.e. pieces of information that are transferred to the hard drive of the customer's computer or device to keep records to safeguard customer information.



We will process the confirmation payment form at the day and time of operational office PT Bunga Wangsa Sedjati, which is Monday to Sunday, from 9 A.M to 4 P.M (working hours).



  1. Visitors must comply with the 5M health protocol.
  2. Visitors must have at least the first dose of vaccine by showing evidence through the Peduli Lindungi application.
  3. Visitor capacity is only 25%.



  1. Customers who used the available features in the site www.jtp.id, hereby declare, understand and agree all the terms and conditions that certain set for the features.
  2. All things that have not yet been set or have not been set in the certain features of terms and conditions, so willfully refers to the terms and conditions Jawa Timur Park Group generally.
  3. Customers agree that the service provides at www.jtp.id is given to the customers as exist and as available.
  4. The refund cannot be done, except if there is mistake from Jawa Timur Park Group and outside from the terms and conditions that set on this page.
  5. The refund that happens outside the agreement of completion of the purchasing problems that have been agreed by both sides is not the responsibility and the part service of Jawa Timur Park Group.
  6. May the terms and conditions will be changed and/or updated time for time without prior notification before, Jawa Timur Park Group suggest to customers for reading and checking carefully this terms and conditions page time for time to know any change. While still accessing the site www.jtp.id, so the customer considered the changes in the terms and conditions.
  7. website www.jtp.id, users can consider changes in terms and conditions.

The development and improvement of Jawa Timur Park Group services are inseparable from the input from customers. If you want to provide input, suggestions or messages, please contact customer care di book@jtp.id or call at 03141-590507.