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Frequently asked questions

Tickets And Packages

Where can I get the admission tickets of Jawa Timur Park Group?

Physical tickets can be purchased at the ticket window or counter in every park of Jawa Timur Park Group during the operational hours (11 AM to 19:30).


Is there any other procedure to buy the admission tickets of Jatim Park Group?

Yes. Tickets can also be purchased via Indomaret franchises. (On the same day with your visit to Jawa Timur Park Group)


Is there a consecutive ticket to all Jawa Timur Park Group?

Yes. There is TIKET SAKTI that gives you access to visit 7 parks of Jawa Timur Park Group: Jawa Timur Park 1, Jawa Timur Park 2 (Batu Secret Zoo and Museum Satwa), Museum Angkut, Museum Tubuh, Eco Green Park, Predator Fun Park and Batu Night Spectacular (BNS). TIKET SAKTI can be purchased at the ticket window or counter in each park of Jawa Timur Park Group.


Are children charged for admission tickets?

There are no admission fee for children under the height of 85 cm. Furthermore, children with height above 85 cm are charged with a full price for the admission fee.


Is there special price for foreign tourists?

There is a promotion for international tourists. Get a 20% discount for regular ticket purchases of Jawa Timur Park by showing foreigner passports. For more information click on the promo for international visitors.


Online Ticket Booking

Is Jawa Timur Park Group admission tickets available online?

Yes. Please click here to enter the Online Ticket Booking system of Jawa Timur Park Group.

* Important: Make sure you fill in the email address and choose the Arrival Date correctly. The time of the visit on the ticket can not be changed after you make a transaction.


Can I know if the reservation has been confirmed?

Yes. Once your ticket payment transaction is received by the Online Ticket Booking system, you will receive a confirmation email in the form of an electronic ticket (e-ticket) containing your reservation details.


How do I get into Jatim Park Group rides using an electronic ticket?

Upon completion of payment, you will receive an electronic ticket (e-ticket) by email. This E-ticket can be printed as a physical ticket or you can show the ticket directly from your mobile phone or gadget when you arrive at the Marketing Office of park that you visit.


I've placed an order and payment within the stipulated time, but why have not I received a confirmation email?

If e-ticket is not found in your inbox, you can try checking your spam folders. If there are no e-ticket found in your e-mail, please contact our Customer Service at 0341-590507 or send an email request to book@jtp.id by providing information about your payment data.


Transaction with Credit Card


Can I use a credit card to buy admission tickets for East Java Park?

Yes. However, make sure your credit card is supported by 3D Secure system. Ticket purchases made via credit cards are free from transaction fee.


Why can not I make a ticket purchase transaction using a credit card?

Please keep in mind that the system requires an interval to confirm your transaction. If your first transaction attempt fails, please refresh your page (F5 key on the keyboard) and try to make the payment again. You can contact our Customer Service at 0341-590507 or via email request to book@jtp.id for technical assistance for credit card transactions.